EB-1C Checklist

In order to provide you with the best consultation, we recommend that you bring as many of the following information/documents as you can to ensure a productive meeting.


  • Working Program and Annual Working Report in the latest years
  • Copies of Employment Certificate
  • Evidence of past working background and experience
  • Evidence of one-year employment
  • Evidence of managerial capacity
  • Copy of Diploma
  • Personal resume
  • Supporting letter from employer
  • Board resolution and appointment documents
  • Payroll records
  • Copies of applicants credential of the position


  • Business Registration certificate
  • Photos of the business place reflecting inside and outside structure
  • Articles of corporation
  • Minutes of Board Directors meeting
  • Stock certificate
  • Organization chart
  • Customer/client list
  • Employee record including the staff listing, their respective position as well as job duty
  • Annual financial statements of the last three years
  • Bank statement of the company's assets
  • Business plan
  • Evidence of business transactions
  • Complete list of subordinate operations with their name and address


  • Supporting letter
  • Business Registration Certificate
  • Photos of business place
  • Company profile
  • Federal Tax I.D. Number
  • Minutes of Board Directors Meeting
  • Stock Certificate
  • Article of corporation
  • Current Organization Chart
  • Customer/client list
  • Brochures of company's products
  • Customer/client list
  • Lease of business location
  • Evidence of capital sources
  • Board resolution to set up America affiliates and subsidiaries, explaining the purpose, type, and goal of setting up a new company
  • Payroll record and notes of the payment of the employees
  • Documents to prove U.S. Company has been in existence for one year